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Sundarban Package Tour

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There are many ways to spend your vacation time and connect with your family and friends. If you are passionate about being with nature and its wilderness, the best option is to plan for a trip to the Sundarbans national Park for Sundarban Package Tour. The Emerald islands provide a charismatic view for the photographers and the endangered specifies of the forest provides an enthralling experience for the adventure lovers. Get a quick overview of the Sundarbans national park.

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Sundarban Sunset

About Sudarbans:

Sundarban national park is a deltaic region formed by the amalgation of three rivers, the Brahmaputra, Ganges, and Meghana along the south-east coast of the West Bengal state. The name of the park is derived due to the best and the largest mangrove vegetation that is spread across 1,330 square kilometer in India. Due to its rich natural vegetation with serene inhabitation environment for endangered species of animals, reptiles, birds, fauna and flora, the tropical delta provides an enigmatic beauty for nature lovers.

The Sundarban forest is formed from a conglomeration of 54 tiny islands located on the banks of the Ganga and Brahmaputra and provides a biodiversity habitat for the aquatic, marine, and terrestrial species. The Sundarban forest range is located towards the South-west region of Bangladesh with river Baleswar on the East, the river Haribhanga on the West, and adjoining the Bay of Bengal covering the total area of 10,000 square kilometers. While 60% of the Sundarbans forest property is owned by Bangladesh the remaining part of the forest property belongs to India.

As the exceptional species of fauna, flora, animals, reptiles, and birds are the natural inhabitants of Sundarban forest, the forest is of universal importance and is bestowed as “UNESCO World Heritage Site”. Some of the globally endangered species of animals that are the inhabitant’s of the Sundarban forest includes the Royal Bengal Tiger, estuarine crocodiles, Ganges and Irawadi dolphins, the rare endemic river terrapin (Batagur baska), olive ridley turtle, hawksbill turtle, and mangrove horseshoe crab .

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Local Village around Sundarbans:

While the travelers and the nature lovers can experience an enigmatic and serene atmosphere in the Sundarban forest area, the travelers can visit a local village called Gosaba that lies at the extreme end of the Bengal peninsula. The village is an isolated island, which is 100 kilometers away from Calcutta. The village can be explored by a hiring a rickshaw to explore ponds surrounding each house, temples, mosques, houses, with vast of fields of wheat of rice crops. The only way to reach this village is by ferrying through a jetty from the place called Godhkali.

Traditional Culture of the Sundarban Tribes:

The Sundarbans forest region is also an inhabitant of a population of more than 4.44 million people. The population of Sundarban mainly depends on the forest resources for their daily survival and worship the “Lady of the Forest” called Bonbibi as their deity. The local tribes enact or play the Bonbibi-r palagaan drama, which is a traditional form of worshipping the goddess. This drama is enacted or sung for invoking the deity blessings.

Ideal Period and Duration of the Sundarban Package tour:

The ideal period to visit the Sundarbans national park and the nearby places is between September and March, and the ideal duration to plan for the travel is 1-3 days.

*** The travelers are advised to reach Kolkata before starting with the Sundarban package tour.

Itinerary of the Sundarban Package Tour

You can find the itinerary of the Sundarban Package Trip below:

Tour Dates:

Day 1 in Sundarban National Park

Places to Visit In Sundarban Tiger Reserve:

Gosaba Becon Bungalow,  Hamilton Sahib Beacon Bungalow, Rabindra Nath Tagore Bungalow, Pakhiralaya, Birds Jungle,

Menu for the Day:







07.42 AM :- Starting from Sealdah Station.  We will reach Godkhali around 11:45 A.M by our car.

11.45 AM :- After reaching Ferry ghat, get on launch and proceed to Gosaba to visit sundarban National park.

11.45 AM :- We will serve drinking water and breakfast on the launch.

12.00 PM :- In Gosaba village, visit Hamilton Sahib Bunglow and Becon Bunglow.

01.30 PM :- After paying a visit to the historical Bunglow, we will start for the world’s biggest mangrove forest for Sundarban tiger reserve forest.

01.45 PM :- Lunch will be served on the launch. During this Journey tourist may spot different types of kingfishers, such as egret, pond heron, black cormorants, Brahmani and above will get introduced to the lovely mangroves, with surreal creatures like mud skipper fish, fiddler crabs.

04.45 PM :- Arrival at Pakhiralaya.

07.00 PM :- Enjoy the enchanting evening with the local Folk cultural program along with Tea and Snacks.

09.30 PM :- Dinner will be served on cruise/ Hotel.


Day 2 With Sundarban Package Tour:

Places to Visit In Sundarban Delta: 

Pirkhali, Deul Varani, Banbibi Varani, Gajikhali, Do-Banki Tiger Reserve Forest and watch tower, Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve area and Watch tower, Panchamukhani (Five River Junctions), Pakhiralaya Island

Menu for the Day

Early Morning:-







07.00 AM:- Start Sundarban delta Safari through the boat.

07.30 AM:- Start Jungle Safari guided by the Government tourist at Sajnekhali Reserve.

08.30 AM :- Start our exciting boat Safari through various Islands, rivers, and small creeks covering SarakKhali, Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Banbib Varani, Deul Varani, In this Tiger Reserve area you can get a glimpse of animals like crocodile, deer, wild boar, water monitor lizard, snakes, different types of birds and also Royal Bengal Tiger.

12.30 AM:- Visit Do-Banki Tiger Reserve Area & Watch Tower. The Get a view of the wildlife from a netted enclosure during 896-meter canopy walk at Do-Banki.

01.30 PM:- Visit Panchamukhni through Boat.

05.00 PM:- Reach Pakhiralaya village for shopping.

09.30 PM:- Dinner will be served at Hotel/ Boat.


Day 3 in Sundarban Tiger Reserve:

Places to Visit In Sundarban National Park:

Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve Forest, Sajnekhali Watch tower, Mangrove Interpretation Centre, Sarakhali

Menu for the Day:

Early Morning:-




06.45 AM :- Start Boat safari.

08.00 AM :- Visit Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve & Watch Tower. Breakfast will be provided in Launch.

09.30 AM:- Start Jungle Safari through Sarakkhali- 1, Sarakkhali-2, and between different islands.

02.30 PM:- Lunch will be served on launch.

07.00 PM:- Head back towards Kolkata.


Cost of the Sundarban Package Tour:

Cost of the Tour, inclusive of 2 nights stay at hotel: Rs 4999/-

Contact Information:

Sundarban Forest Travel Pvt. Ltd

CIN – U74999WB2016PTC218401



MOB- 9735831981





PIN- 743611


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